Joseph Hendry (born 1 May 1988) is a Scottish professional wrestler. He is currently signed with Impact Wrestling and World of Sport Wrestling. Hendry is nicknamed as "The Prestigious One" and is known for his flamboyant ring entrances, where he usually parodies a famous song to mock his opponent. Hendry is best known for his appearances in Insane Championship Wrestling, where he is an ICW Tag Team Champion as part of the team Local Fire with Davey Boy, New Generation Wrestling, where he is one-third of the NGW Tag Team Champions along with Lionheart and Kid Fite (under the Freebird Rule), and What Culture Pro Wrestling (WCPW), where he is a one time champion.

Professional wrestling careerEdit

Training and early careerEdit

Hendry initially trained to become a professional wrestler with Damian Mackle, Mikey Whiplash, Robbie Brookside, and Marty Jones at the Source Wrestling School. He had an early try-out match with the WWE and appeared on screen as a Russian character. He has also appeared as a Rosebud for the WWE. His first Canadian tour was with SMASH Wrestling. He has also worked with Ring of Honor on their UK tours, as well as Pro Wrestling Ulster.

Insane Championship Wrestling (2013–2018)Edit

Hendry been regularly appearing for Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW) in 2013. He began his ICW career as part of manager James R. Kennedy's stable the Kennedy Administration and entered a rivalry with Big Damo before feuding with fellow Kennedy Administration member Kenny Williams. Williams won the ICW Zero-G Championship during this time, and Hendry faced him several times for the title but was unable to win it.

Hendry later formed the tag team Local Fire with Davey Boy. Together they entered the ICW Tag Team Title Tournament—held to crown new champions once Polo Promotions left the company after winning the belts—and beat Mike Bird & Wild Boar in the finals at Shug's Hoose Party 3 on 31 July 2016 to win the vacant ICW Tag Team Championships. They lost the titles on 11 September 2016 to Polo Promotions in a ladder match.

New Generation Wrestling (2015–2018)Edit

Hendry made his debut for New Generation Wrestling (NGW) in 2015, losing a match to Nathan Cruz before forming Team Scotland with fellow ICW wrestlers Davey Blaze, Lionheart and Kid Fite. Team Scotland often antagonised NGW Champion Nathan Cruz and eventually challenged Cruz to face them in an eight-man tag team match with Cruz's title on the line with the stipulation that if Cruz or any of his teammates were pinned, he would lose the title. Cruz retained his title in the eight-man tag team match in November 2015. Hendry, Lionheart and Kid Fite next appeared for NGW in May 2016, all three answering the NGW Tag Team Championship Open Challenge set by The UK's Biggest Tag Team (Stixx & Colossus Kennedy). After Hendry used the belt as a weapon, the trio became the new tag team champions. The official name for the team was later confirmed to be Insane Fight Club.

What Culture Pro Wrestling / Defiant Wrestling (2016–2018)Edit

The Local Hero (2016–2017)Edit

Hendry then began working for What Culture Pro Wrestling (WCPW). On 27 June 2016 at WCPW Loaded No. 1 Hendry was defeated by Big Damo in a number one contender for the WCPW Championship. The next few weeks Hendry teamed with Joseph Conners. On 3 September, at WCPW Stacked Hendry was involved in a fatal four way for the WCPW Championship, in which, he was betrayed by Joseph Conners, and Joseph Conners won the title. On 10 September, WCPW Hendry was the winner of the 2016 Kurt Angle Invitational Rumble. On 15 October, at WCPW Refuse To Lose Hendry was defeated by Kurt Angle. On 5 November, at WCPW True Legacy Hendry was defeated by Joseph Conners with the WCPW Championship on the line. On 30 November, at Delete WCPW Hendry was involved in a triple threat steel cage match for the WCPW title, where he was defeated by Drew Galloway, after Galloway pinned Joseph Conners, and the referee had counted to three before Hendry had touched the floor. On 5 January 2017 at WCPW KirbyMania Hendry was attacked by the returning Joseph Conners. Later on in the show there was a No Holds Barred Match which was won by Hendry. On WCPW Loaded No. 21 Hendry took on Galloway for the WCPW Championship where both men pinned each other. A rematch happen on 12 February, at WCPW True Destiny where Hendry was defeated by Galloway. Later on that night, Kurt Angle, who had defeated Alberto El Patron in his last match before returning to WWE, was congratulated initially by Hendry, but Hendry later attacked Angle, thus turning heel.

The Prestigious One (2017–2018)Edit

On the twenty fourth episode of Loaded, Hendry defeated Alberto El Patron with the help from Joe Coffey and Travis Banks. On 6 March, at Exit Wounds, Hendry, Joe Coffey, Travis Banks, and BT Gunn formed The Prestige, a stable claiming something was wrong with professional wrestling and they were going to fix it. On 20 March, at Bulletproof, Hendry defeated Gabriel Kidd in a #1 Contenders Match for the WCPW Internet Championship. On 1 April, at State of Emergency, Hendry attacked Joey Ryan from behind and pinned him for the Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship. Hendry then stated the title represented everything that was wrong with professional wrestling and threw it in a trash bin. At the Mexican qualifier for the WCPW Pro Wrestling World Cup, Hendry defeated Martin Kirby by referee stoppage after he attempted to punt an injured Kirby in the top of the head, finally becoming the WCPW Champion. On 2 October 2017, at WCPW Refuse to Lose '17, Hendry defended his championship against Will Ospreay. During the match, Marty Scurll cashed in his Magnificent Seven briefcase (which he won earlier in the night from Hendry's stablemate El Ligero) to make the match a triple threat. Scurll then won the championship by submitting Hendry with the crossface chickenwing.

Hendry then started a feud with fellow stablemate Travis Banks, causing the exodus of Joe Coffey and BT Gunn from The Prestige.

World of Sport WrestlingEdit

Between May 10th & 12th, Hendry was part of the TV Tapings for the reboot of WOS Wrestling, which is being shown on Saturday afternoon's on ITV (in the UK). In episode 1 of the new series, Hendry was part of the Tag Team Tournament where he was abandoned by his tag partner Martin Kirby. In episode 2 Hendry would challenge in a losing effort for the WOS Championship by interrupting a segment with the current champion, Rampage - with the executive Stu Bennett placing him in a match against Rampage.

Due to the fans (and commentary team) perceiving an injustice following outside interference during the original match, from Rampage's colleagues who accompany him to ringside, Hendry was approved for a re-match against Rampage in episode 3.

Ring of Honor (2016, 2018) Edit

On May 25, 2018, Joe Hendry made a challenge for Ring of Honor World Television Championship against Silas Young during ROH's tour of the UK in a losing effort.

IMPACT Wrestling (2018–present)Edit

On May 25, 2018 it was announced that Hendry would be making his debut for IMPACT Wrestling at their June 1 and 2 TV tapings from Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

In his initial debut appearances he began to accompany Grado and his girlfriend Katarina ringside. On one occasion, Eli Drake tried to insinuate that Hendry was in fact trying to lure Katarina away from Grado in a bid to make her his girlfriend starting a feud between Hendry, Grado and Eli Drake.

On the July 19 episode of IMPACT!, Hendry made his in-ring debut defeating Eli Drake.

Amateur wrestling careerEdit

Hendry began competing in amateur freestyle wrestling tournaments in 2016. After winning the national championship, Hendry entered Australia's 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Personal lifeEdit

Prior to becoming a professional wrestler, Hendry was a musician for 10 years. He incorporates his prior career into his professional wrestling work where he Hendry writes and performs his own entrance music and videos.

In wrestlingEdit

  • Finishing moves
    • Christmas Gift (Inverted front powerslam)
    • Double Hendry Lock (Modified Boston crab)
    • Freak of Nature (Fallaway slam, sometimes from the second rope)
    • Hendry Lock (Ankle lock) – adopted from Kurt Angle
    • Hendry Slam (Olympic slam) – adopted from Kurt Angle
  • Signature moves
    • Commonwealth Clothesline (Clothesline)
    • European uppercut
    • Trip Around the Globe (Arm wrench DDT)
  • Managers
    • Grado
    • Katarina
    • James R. Kennedy
  • Nicknames
    • "The Local / Global Hero"
    • "The Prestigious One"
    • "The Man Who Is Better Than Damien Sandow"
    • "The King of the Entrances"
  • Entrance themes
    • Insane Championship Wrestling
      • "I C Double Me and You" by Joe Hendry

Championships and accomplishmentsEdit

Amateur wrestlingEdit

  • British Wrestling
    • British Senior Championship gold medal in freestyle wrestling (97 kg) (2017)

Professional wrestlingEdit

  • DDT Pro-Wrestling
    • Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship (1 time)
  • Insane Championship Wrestling
    • ICW Tag Team Championship (1 time) – with Davey Boy
    • ICW Tag Team Title Tournament (2016) – with Davey Boy
  • New Generation Wrestling
    • NGW Tag Team Championship (1 time) – with Kid Fite and Lionheart
  • Pride Wrestling
    • N7 Championship (1 time)
  • Pro Wrestling Elite
    • PWE Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
  • Pro Wrestling Ulster
    • PWU All-Ulster Championship (2 times)
  • Reckless Intent Wrestling
    • Reckless Intent World Championship (1 time)
  • Scottish Wrestling Alliance
    • SWA Laird of the Ring Championship (1 time)
  • Scottish Wrestling Entertainment
    • SWE Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
  • What Culture Pro Wrestling / Defiant Wrestling
    • WCPW / Defiant Championship (1 time)
    • Kurt Angle Invitational Rumble (2016)